Ode to Chavez

Oh you’re good, red shirt
short sleeves or long, winning
smile for six-hour Sunday TV crowd

your charisma alone carries proud
left wing Americans to sing
No Bush No Dick

you’re a peace-loving man
weapons purchased all across
the land. From Russian chopper to
Spanish carrier, so many riffles just in
case things get sour

generosity unmatched, cheap
heating oil for cold American
North East, generous indeed to give money
where it generally breeds

land redistribution, over
which you alone preside, it’s hard work
to single-handedly tackle task with aplomb
new flag, left running horse
Bolivar surely cries with joy
the revolution is no joke

Don Quixote roams the land again

due to the million copies you’ve
spread to excite and reclaim
a new democracy
social autocracy

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