gas prices

Gas ain't cheap. Ride your bikes fuckas.

-just been listening to Day to Day on N.P.R. They are talking about the gas companies making huge profits. The topic is why are the profits so high while prices at the pump for consumers are, get this, record high? Uhhhm let us do the math:

High prices for consumers = massive profit for the companies

Now I’ve always been bad at math but…. just ride your bikes. I mean really. If you’re pissed about the gas prices then do something else. If you don’t wanna be fat then don’t over-eat. If you don’t want to be addicited to cigarettes then take the damn thing out of your mouth (a personal reminder for myself). This is a free world and we have a will, anyway at least to choose whether to buy gas, cigarettes, or whatever.

This is a shitty rant but it’s a shitty subject. It is a tired and old argument. We’ve been at war for God knows what for several years now and there is no end in sight.

Ride your bike.

Don’t have one?

Get one they are cheap!


Anonymous said...

That picture's ALL TIME!!!
It's starting to get hot here now, didn't ride my shit enough when it condusive to do so, I'm afraid I'll lose even more motivation once the humidity sets in for the next 8 months.

peas. d-$

Prophet said...

Yeah, riding bikes are better for so many reasons. Health, energy conservation, and environmental interests. If you simply can't, use public transport. It's not as degrading as you think it is. Honestly, they should just jack up the congestion charge like a mother.