Tension bunches up like so many ants around the sugar cubes between my shoulder blades. My jaw feels like it’s trying to pull itself off. So I put on some music and gwaan an tek it easy like -Midnite in the background. Have you ever listened to them? There’s too much music out there for me. I am neither a collector nor a connoisseur. I know what I like.


Words and their definitions are quite interesting. We take so much for granted but things are unclear. I mean, we all know the general meaning of the word love. But lets pretend for a moment that when you were fifteen you fell in love, head over heels, butterflies, anxiety, and sweaty palms. Then suddenly it ended in a bitter row, you being the receiver of the deadly emotional blow. What is your association the word love now? This is a simplified version of where I’m headed with this.

Words are infinitely powerful because once we let them go they are like a stone, thrown by a reckless kid, and when it lands and makes impact it’s too late to change direction. When a word is written it takes it’s own life. The reader interprets its meaning with a personal dictionary that is a combination of cultural and linguistic knowledge as well as personal experience. -And the writer, what of it, what of her position? She has no choice but to spit out the words, to move thoughts through fingertips and hope that the impact is noticed, makes contact somehow. Vaughn says to stop shootin one another down.

Tuesday and the coffee is gone.


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Prophet said...

That's probably the coolest praise of words I've heard for a while. It's all down to personal interpretation, and that's why it's so mystifying. Poetry tells you more about yourself than it does about the poet, and this applies to any written art form. It's interesting how the Vatican, for example, read the stories of the Bible, meant for moral guidelines, and interpreted it as a message to control the world.