Ok. I can't make up this stuff. This is a memo I reiceved at school today.


DATE: April 27, 2006



The first floor boy’s bathroom is once again a problem! Students using the bathroom are defacing the walls and stall areas with graffiti, as well as having continual problems with toilet etiquette (not flushing the toilet, smearing feces around the stall area, throwing wet soapy paper towels on the wall and floor, etc).

Please reiterate the rules about bathroom use with your students. In addition, please make sure the student does not have any writing instruments in their pockets or in their hand when they leave to use the restroom. If at all possible, please curtail any excessive bathroom use by students.

Staff, we need your help to curtail this problem. It would be appreciated if you could talk to your students about the urgency to have the bathrooms used properly and what the consequences will be if they are not.

Thank you.

Student Management Specialist


Anonymous said...

I guess some things never change. This used to happen all the time at BHS.

ras said...

really? I never saw anything at bhs like at the elementary school where I work. who are you?

Marina said...

Yeah, I know it happened when I was a student there. That comment was from me. I was just not logged in.

Prophet said...

Another case of humans not understanding each other. Maybe they should just let the kids smear shit all over the toilet, and let it accumulate, and then see what happens.

Love the posts, ras. Hope you're spreading the Spork over there. Looks like these people need it. Would it be fair to call you our man in Portland?

ras said...

Hi Prophet. I've definately been spreding the Spork inna portland. we need the commandments though.