john crow

Startin over no easy-Jah know
Juh see, yuh hafi learn tings
Yuh hafi move like dem noa look pon you
See me a say man?

Bwoy sometime you hafi bruk out inna space
Gwaan like mongoose and crawl an slide tru fence
Goat no tuff like uno hafi tuff
If rain a fall yuh no fi fuss

Rasta man seh “bwoy, no watch no face
One one apple full basket
Tek time bredah everyting is everyting
Evenin soon come and inna morrow the sun gwaan shine again”

So I wek up inna morning and niam oatmeal
Dash lickle brown sugar pon it
Keep the belly from unger -keep de mind from fret
Tell john crow guh way, me no dead yet

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