655,000 deaths in Iraq!

It’s time that we stop and take a look at our actions. We North American’s have become the terrorists. Today the BBC reported on a survey led by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health that estimates over 655,000 Iraqi deaths since the invasion in 2003.

The absurdity of the death toll numbers in no way compares to the few thousand lives lost on September 11th on US soil.

We must all rise up and demand that this nonsense killing be stopped, lest we become a nation of genocidal maniacs that needs to be stopped by the rest of the world. Remember World War II?

This number is so grotesque that it seems unreal. Imagine if our nation had lost this many people to bombs and guns in three years? How can we let this continue? I am at a loss of words. President Bush states, “I stand by the figure that a lot of innocent people have lost their life... and that troubles me, and it grieves me…” but “Six-hundred thousand or whatever they guessed at is just... it's not credible…”

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