soul metamorphosis


rob70 said...

Nice Template! Looks kinda like a single fin I ride. :D

ras said...

Thanks rob. D$ tells I that the board is the same whether or not I chop it. I gave him the finger for being a non-believer.

D$ said...

Yeah, bra. You rip so hard your rails fell off.

Rub it kook.


I was jus' saying, same wheelbase, same setup, it's not gonna carve or ride any different than if you hadn't released the inner soul skate.

OK, you MIGHT be able to lay it over more without getting wheel bite, but other than that it's purely and aesthetic.

"A heretic" is right, that poor board will never do another kick-flip again. Is that want you wanted? You are dead to me.


Whatever it takes to get you to ride it more. I like the look, french curve-a-licous.

rob70 said...

good job ras, wheel bite blows.

Rick said...

the banana board is featured in a short video inna more recent post.