back to work!

Ahh – the first day of work is always best after the fact.

“Good afternoon. Blankity blank power company limited –how might I direct your call?”

Yup. I was a receptionist today, and for a power company. I heard a story from the other receptionist and some random office drone about being careful whom you buzz into the office. Apparently some poor soul allowed an entire mass protest in the corporate offices, holding placards dripping in red paint, they were protesting the use of coal from socially irresponsible sources, they claimed that the coal was tainted in blood and they didn’t want their homes heated with it.

Yup, first day of work, a mere four hours of internet surfing and phone juggling and wham, $48. What a deal eh? Gonna get rich soon enough. It’s a good thing it was flat today. We probably won’t have any waves for a while.

by the way, I was turned onto a new band by my friend Chi. -you true hipsters out there will probably sneer and roll your eyes while lighting another cigarette and popping open another can of PBR.

For the rest of you, check out The Arcade Fire here.


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