Working Today

Start my new job at Dalhousie University today. Seems like it will be a good deal -walking distance from home, humane hours, etc.

Looks like the winds blasting out of the south might calm down and switch to give us some rideable surf this weekend.


pushingtide said...

Good morning, class

Hi, teacher

Now, as usual we will begin with rolecall
Who have we here? Smokie?
"Present, teacher"
"Yeah, teacher"
"Hi, teacher"

Now, I want us to think about what we did over the holidays


Yes, yes

I learned about fun, teacher…

'Cause just like I said
It's goin' straight to my head
And now I'm...

Rita Marley "One Draw"

Overachiever said...

Hello Ras,
Good to meet you, now let's get down to brass tacks. Take a memo to Mr. Brown regarding that proposal for 2 January, lets get that over to Maria asap, and send her some flowers for her sick daughter Julia. Did you read over that grant proposal? Good, I need 2 copies, in duplicate, faxed over to CPSDCRM, make them attn. Dirk Diggler, they will get the joke. Got that? Good, do you need more coffee? I need more coffee! Get me a double mocha latte, double dipped, sans the top and we'll continue this as soon as you get back. NOW, I SAID!