Icy Beach

Waves today were mostly waist high with the occasional chest high set. It's hard to explain how truly cold it is. Saying that it's 12 degrees below freezing doesn't really convey the exact feeling of 12 below.

This photo is a shot of the frozen rocks at L-town point. The high tide line is an ice field. All the rocks are covered in about an inch of ice. Really slippery too -you got be careful walking over it when you get out of the water and your feet feel like nubs.


Foulweather... said...

So what thickness wettie are you in. I've concluded that I simply cannot surf in anything thicker than a 5/3mm. Surfing in cold water is very cathartic though.

ras said...

6x4 O'Neil suit with 7 mm mitts and boots. I actaully got a hook on the suit from a good friend in Portland. Xavier worked at one of Portland's surfshops. Best stand-up surfer I ever saw in Oregon, but mostly he rode a body board. He was hoping to move away. Wonder if he ever did?

Foulweather... said...

No, Xavier is still here. Ha ha... I knew he could stand up but I've never seen him do anything apart from B-board.