Sub Zero Singlespeed Ride

Went for my first trail ride in a long long time. With no waves and a type II Diabetes belt quickly developing during the cold winter weeks I felt compelled to get out and put my body to work. Albeit the ride was soft by most people's standards -just an old rail bed, fairly flat and smooth. There was snow on a lot of the trail and some sketchy icy spots.

It seems that years of riding a fixed wheel in Portland marked me with perfect spin. I was able to keep a perfectly straight line and traction at optimum speed though the icy sections, no twitching and no sliding out. On the way out towards the same point where I surfed yesterday there was a tail wind. I flew along without much work. But dammit if it wasn't so easy on the way back. A swift tail wind turned into a burning head wind. My toes and hands were not insulated properly and it was not pleasant. However, the ride ended with no mishaps and I am the better for having gone out on such a perfectly sunny day.

Sometimes I am amazed how much riding a bicycle can improve my outlook on everything.

Air temp -10 C.

Here is a link to an earlier post about riding a fixed wheelbike in the city. http://kuyah.blogspot.com/2006/03/zen-in-art-of-cycle-commuting.html


pushingtide said...

Fun lookin' point!

Foulweather... said...

I'm hoping to set myself up with a fixie soon. I see you linked to Surly. Any thoughts on their Steamroller?

I know Fixed-gear riding is hipstered out the arse these days but I'm seriously digging Track bikes based on the few times I've ridden them. There is also somewhat of a skate crossover, in San Francisco. Lots of ex-pro skaters, getting into hillriding and threading through traffic on fixies. Being a youthsubculture nerd, I'm intrigued.

ras said...


I fully recomend riding a fix no matter about the hipster craze. It's the purest bike expereince ever. A Steamroller is also a fine choice. You can take all the stickers off with an old credit card. Got http://www.7-corners.com/ and talk to Cory. He is by far the best bike shop owner in town. He can order you a Surly or anything else you want. Tell him Rick says hello. I got my Surly from Cory.

Foulweather... said...

Funny you should mention that. I have talked to Cory. Surly are going to be selling the Steamroller as a complete as of Spring. It will be an ideal way to get into it. I'm also rather tempted by the 'Angus' by IRO bikes but that would mean ordering off the internet and I think I'd rather be able to test ride and have an actual person I can go to talk to about a bike purchase.

Either way, I'm going fixed.

What frame set were you riding fixed?

ras said...
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