I cannot overstand

There are some things I cannot comprehend.


Hamas and Fatah have launched a bloody and insane war against each other in the last few days. There are stories of captured men being handcuffed and thrown off of rooftops.

How can humanity react this way?

It sounds like a naïve statement. But really, can you imagine yourself in this situation?

I cannot. I am eternally grateful that I was born into a peaceful family who taught me the value of friendship and enjoying the simple things in life like food and community.

Sometimes I wish I could pray for the end of religion. Perhaps then we could have some peace. And maybe then some our world leaders couldn’t hide their resource mongering behind bogus religious reasoning. Religion breeds intolerance and a loss or rational thought. But then man historically has rarely acted rationally.

There are many things I cannot understand.


Gazelle said...


Beheadings, suicide bombings, torture, medical experiments on prisoners, genocide - all incomprehensible.

Doc said...

I worked with a Serb who, during the war and atrocities following the breakdown of that country, learned his neighbor was planning to kill him and his family...

He killed his neighbor to protect himself and his family...

I like to believe there would be a different solution, yet if I discovered similar information in as an unsettled situation as that...

Can I presume I would act differently?

When he described the act...it was with sorrow, but not regret...in the end he still lost many family members and was nearly killed himself...I saw the scars.

infrequent lurker said...

You're sentiments really hit the nail on the head. I can't hardly read a newspaper any more.