Fixin Mt. Tabor a few months after a broken right elbow.

Family portrait.

Steel Bridge

St. Johns Bridge Underbelly.

Been a year since we left Portland. There's definitely people and places I miss.


nmm said...

Great shots. I'm a Hoyt/Forest Park fan myself...

Foulweather... said...

Mt Tabor is practically my back yard. Been riding up and down there a lot. Hard to beat Portland sometimes but I bet you are happier being closer to waves

Chum said...

Dude, next time you're in town, look me up.

ras said...

nmm - got married in the hoyt, twilight in august - incredible.

Pete - you should take your fix offroad when you get a chance. you might need to through some meaty tires on first though.

chum - i will check you. but i'm 4000 miles away now and no plans for a return trip. i would kill for a carnitas burrito from Mendosaz on NE 47th - or a few pints and ping pong at Billy Ray's, or a ride up to forrest park, or paddle out at short sands, or a morning coffee at tiny's, or a jam session with my old landlord with lots of booze and fog.