Been zoomin to work in ten minutes flat.

easy spin for the first half of the ride then
slam into the traffic going into the city center
around the citadel.
running lights and splitting lanes is the best way
to avoid delays and inject a little fun and
adventure into an otherwise normal life with
no waves in the near forecast

here's a photo of D$'s fixed schwinn. it's a speedy wave checker and burrito grabber.


Daniel said...

Cool ride but what's up with the brake? You must ditch the brake to reach fixie nirvana.
One gear, one mind.

ras said...

having commuted fixed for three years on daily basis I learned that having a front break is nirvana.

lawless said...

Gotta agree with Ras on this one. For me riding in Florida, a front brake is a must with all the people who pull out in front of you on a daily basis and the serious lack of bike lane infrastructure.

I'm trying to hone my fixey skills to require it less and less but my skids are still pretty week...

Gotta give big props to Ras to getting me into fixeys years ago way before the hype blew it up. Still have only seen a couple other fixeys at the beach down here. Like the man says, it's a wave checking, burrito-getting machine.

The riser bars need a serious dose of some flat-black spray paint though...


Daniel said...

I'm just giving ya a hard time!
After commuting for years on a fixie and having had way too many close calls with absent minded drivers I'm back to brakes (and multi-gears for that matter) on my commuter.