MC - back again inna deh place

Yes yes. Matt Chester is back on the world wide space after a long hiatus. And it looks like he too has emigrated to Canada.

The first blog I ever read, and the best at that, was Matt's blog linked to his bike building website. His eloquence is unparalleled in the cycling blogosphere and his minimalist approach to life was a needed inspiration for me after returning from a two-year stint of simple living in Jamaica.

Although the new blog is still in it's infancy you can be sure that Matt will drop some knowledge about bikes, food, consumerism, history, music and literature. You can read some his articles on fixed gear cycling and bike set-up on www.63xc.com

Oh and did I mention that he makes some of the best custom Ti bikes frames in North America? Here's just one example I found on bundokbiker's Flickr site.


Mick said...

Now that's a bike.

Nuno said...

"Less is More" nice bike!