Not making the closeout

Well hell, ain't that somphin. Things have just been a blur this summer. With visitors ranging from Spain, Japan, Jersey, Florida and Winnipeg, parties, work and other social activities I am a bit lost as to where the summer went. Although to be truthful, summer has only just arrived about a month ago here in Halifax and the fall winds are already stirring.

Now B and Peta and I are settled into our new home and we are both back in school and working full time. Perhaps the biggest change caused by home ownership is the lack of free time. Projects abound. Decks, fences, door frames, painting, splitting up the hastas, cutting the lawn, pruning the maples, taking out the garbage, compost and recycling. Sometimes you just can't make a closeout.

I can't wait for our first true huricane swell. I need some waves!

photo by B. Me on the wave, the Dr. on the paddle out.

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