New board

Some of you may have already seen this here video on Phoresia. This is my new biofoam board, being shaped by Tom Neilson. Tom is an amazing character and he rips too. He surfs short boards and long boards with equal skill and has paid his dues surfing heavy spots like Puerto Escondido. He can make you a Puerto gun if you have the skillz and courage to surf the place.

This is not a Puerto gun but hopefully it will help going backside on our many right points that fire nicely throughout the ridiculously cold winter.


seamouse said...

Bloody Hell!
First of that looks like a beautiful board you have coming to you.
Second it's nice that more people are getting into the biofoam thing.
But mostly, that video is awesome! I wish I'd seen that before I shaped my first board.
Thanks for posting this, I hope your board flys like it should.

Gazelle said...

Yeah, this biofoam thing really stokes me. Have fun on that board!

Anonymous said...

Great vid. So cool. Just in time for dem fall energies.


Slim said...

I'm really excited to see how this board goes for you! I just got a new board, but if your reviews are positive, I'm down to give biofoam a go the next time around. I look forward to your icey review!