phatty lumpkins

whas happenin D$,

Waves yesterday were much like how you described it yesterday at Satellite. The long period just made it so that they were messy and big. The Moose, which has a left point and then a rocky bottom peak in the middle of the bay, was one big wave. I watched it for about two hours with my friend Scotty. A bunch of people tried paddling out but most of them couldn't make it past the shorepound –mostly bad timing I reckon.

Tim and I finally paddled out at the point during a lull and made it out pretty quick. I caught five waves, two of which were memorable. Tim got his share too even though he hasn’t had much sleep in the last few weeks.

It was big but lumpy. One wave I swear was like riding single-track. It had all kinds of humps and bumps and twisted as it went forward. Since it was one big wave across the bay you’d have to catch it in front of the point and then kick out before the whole damn thing shut down. The biggest wave I caught was a few feet overhead but slow and easy to surf. 12 feet at 14 seconds is probably a bit maxed out for around here but hell it’s still fun to be out in those conditions. Water was damn cold though and the walk across the rocks was treacherous with the icy conditions.

Hope you get some waves tomorrow.


ps. peep this new band I just got turned on to called the United Steel Workers of Montreal.

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eric said...

sounds sshweet. i see that its' above zero out there, nice. beats our frakin -28 and howling NW winds.