feeling a bit of cabin fever. we awoke this morning to an ice storm -post snow storm. I took Peta out for a slippery stroll and then shoveled the sidewalk in the freezing rain. B and I have been stuck in the house ever since. She worked on her oil painting and helped me to hem my new wool trousers. I messed around the house, made curry chicken and rice for lunch and did some calisthenics.

There's a big swell with a slight east bent to it. I sure hope the roads are clear enough to make the drive out tomorrow to a left that I've only surfed once but works wonders with some east in it and favourable tide.

hope the rest of you out there are doing well. I will leave unno with this lickle Ras Michael ting here.


Gaz said...

LOL.....Peta........ another uncomfortable name for a dog is Stains........ try it.

Malcolm Johnson said...

glad to hear you've been doing your calisthenics. now you too can cannonade at your opponents.