mangos and dogs

If we are defined by the way we spend our days
then I am a secretary, oops sorry
administrative assistant
filing, dialling, faxing, emailing
relationship building, conniving and nagging
doing and, and, doing, and producing nothing
I am "the glue that holds it all together"
I am "the sheriff" the one in charge
but what about the me
thinking at work of other things?

I am the dreamer of places warm and shimmering
of waves of joy, waves of love, and waves of energy
moving though water like time but timeless
I am fingertips that strike keys with unbound sincerity
I am kindness and loyalty
and am truth and untruth
flowing like water through gravel
through urban terrain on two wheels
linked chain and tires filled with air just so
to allow a smooth roll
I am dreamer awake and wondering
living a wish of living

I hated Whitman when he catalogued and claimed to be
everyman -boasty eh?
knowing the pain and joy and fatigue of longshoreman
and businessman alike
I don’t make such lofty claims
I know not where I stand or barely my name
as I exit the elevator after a long day of doing and not producing
and yet -I dream of waves, sweeping turns, and long delays
of mangos, and dogs running freely in the sand
and tanned arms and strong hands from doing and producing
furniture, gardens, tools, toys and foods

if we are defined by our time spent then
I am defined as one dreaming a life and living another
of one seeing the truth as a novel
a novelty is to break the chain of the day in day out
to sneak out for morning surfs
or puff some truth at night and listen to the stars twinkle
watch the lights go out when dreams start


I am defined as one who would dream
I am ego and ego and need and flesh
I am secretary and not much else


pushingtide said...

nice! you wrote that? not that i doubt it but it is just so good.

check out this irie sounds inna mixtapes...


Gazelle said...

Yes. I dream the same kind of dreams and I cannot stop.

Eric said...

the dreams are maddening some days. i like what i do, i work at it and it's rewarding in many ways..but i am also in a constant lala land, dreaming of perfect waves and of ways to not spend my time in front of the computer...
i like your poem...thanks.

Kels said...

That is amazing. That is the anthem for all our Administrative Assistants (with a capital A) out there.

Patch said...

Velvety and flowing words Ras. You have the goods.

ras said...

thanks for the comments all.