NW gusty winds equals -25 C windchill

how cold is it? peep the hood pull cord.

and how were the waves? rideable?

I would always rather surf than not surf. the conditions are secondary

photos - black spidey and ras

"yo -an in case yuh nevah know - reggae is a suferer's music -an sometime if yuh watch yuh cian see a lickle sinting from anedar place. sinting real -seen. yo, no watch a ting. check dis lickle ting here from radiohead by way of easy star all stars called karma police. you dun know rasta. hear me a seh."


Gazelle said...

That really looks painfully cold. Does petroleum jelly on the face help?

Anonymous said...

Funny you ask that. I've read that some surfers in the north east US do that but I've never seen anyone up here do it. Never felt the need myself. The face doesn't tend to be a problem after the first couple of waves (it goes numb, so numb you slur your speech from useless lips- but that's another issue altogether), it's the feet that end up killing you. On the day pictured both RAS and I felt the pain in our feet within 15 to 30 minutes. My wife got me a new pair of 7mm Xcel boots for Christmas and even new they are the weakest link in our neoprene armour. Not sure if surfing in those conditions is being tough or just stupid... actually that has to do with the wave quality. Good waves=tough, crappy waves=stupid

Black Spidey

Gazelle said...

Wow - pain even with 7mm boots. Maybe some kind of dry boot with fleece lining would help...

My hat's off to you guys for doing what it takes to get some winter waves. I bet the slurred speech makes sessions a laugh.

Anonymous said...


I dig the 80's porn stash. Working on one myself. Went by Tom's shop. Looking at a getting floaty fish with the Stimulus $ coming our way. Mudgett has a place just south of Patrick AFB.


Brett said...

you are truly mad!!!