give thanks

Gotta say that it’s good to know when to be grateful. I am missing some really fun waves today. The wind is offshore and it’s probably solid head high with a 12 second period. Plus to top it all off it feels like spring outside. I’m bummed that due to hectic work day I can’t be in the water, truth is that it’s rare that I miss a swell altogether. I missed a good swell Christmas of 2006. But only because I was down in Florida visiting family and surfing some crossed up sharky waves, albeit without a wetsuit. Speaking of sharky waters in Florida, here’s short anecdote from D$ after Tuesday evening’s small kine sesh:

“Had a quick after work session last night and got chased out of the water by 2 sharks cruising the lineup that refused to leave. Some semi-clean chest high nuggets but not worth the sketch factor of fins that kept popping up in waves in front of you. Pretty much the whole lineup cleared out in a matter of a few minutes.”

So missing the waves today serves as a friendly reminder that my life is good and that I have a job where nine times out of ten I get to surf when it's on. I hope the rest of you are getting weekday waves. I know Spidey and Pushingtide probably are.

Oh and one more thing – going to see Bedouin Soundclash tomorrow. Here’s a sample of the Toronto based reggae take off trio.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I was too picky but I cruised all the usual suspect breaks and was not impressed. I came home without hitting the water. Shoulda been good but they were sloppy and weak.

Missed nuttin'

black spidey