Hawaii’s brilliant Uke master doin what he does best on four strings. it's amazing what passion and practice can amount to in terms of human achievement. I have been a consummate middle of the road type all my life -never taking huge risks and never mastering anything. not that that is a bad thing but when I see someone like Jake play I wonder what my own potential could be at one of my own passions like writing or surfing or playing guitar. it's ironic to know what it takes and yet to be so far from being able to move towards it.


Gazelle said...

Holy crap! He's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Jake usually swings through SLO Town once a year, never to be missed. Brilliant uke player. Good pick.

tres_arboles said...

Download his concert stuff at archive.org. That's where I first found the guy after looking for something different. Ain't serendipity cool? Who knew uke could so cool too?


Oh and sorry for all the commenting. I've been gone from blogland for a week and I'm just catching up!