biofoam bonzer

Here’s a sneak peak at my new five fin Biofoam Bonzer (yes I know the runners are backwards in this photo, I will put them in the right way when it gets here). The fin templates, placement, and deep double to Vee concave design are Campbell Brothers originals. The outline and shape are by Tom Neilson. I don’t know the exact dims yet but I do know it’s a 6’6” with 6x4 glass on the deck 6 oz. on the bottom. Biofoam is quite strong and holds up really well to denting compared to even the old Super Green Clark Foam blanks. Next week I’ll do a quiver post with my current Neilson lineup. I think I’m done in the new board acquisition department for a while.

So far my favourite board of all time is Tom’s modern Flying Floatey Fish. That board works amazing in anything from knee high to overhead. If you don’t have a hybrid fish in your quiver then I highly recommend one. Last Sunday I took a 9’6” and my fish to the beach. I surfed the fish for an hour and decided to grab the longboard for change. After thirty minutes I stashed the longboard on the beach and went back to flying on the fish. It’s the way to be free. What I need to do now is figure out a way to work from home so I don’t miss a swell. Any ideas out there?


Anonymous said...

Is that not D$ board on Phoresia the new one he just featured and wrote the latest column about?(wtf)

ras said...

you are very clever grasshoper. but your intuition is wrong. the board on Phoresia is a 6'2"

this here board is for a stocky, rubber covered surfer and it's a 6'6"

the reason both boards are painted yellow is cause it makes them go faster.

Gazelle said...

A little known secret is that stripes actually make boards go faster.

tres_arboles said...

I thought skinny, big-footed surfers made boards go faster? I'm in the stocky, rubber-coated category myself. I'll have to add yellow stripes to my next board to test your assertions!


Daniel said...

Bonzer twin powers activate!

Anonymous said...

Think someting simular is in line for me in future.