mind surfing

just read an interesting essay in kurungabaa.net about mind surfing. in the essay the author mentions the film below titled Liquid Time. the images will inspire some mind surfing of your own while your whiddleing away time and your desk.


tres_arboles said...

If this won a cinematography award at a French film festival, I wonder what they would make of some of Timmy Turner or Brian Conley's helmet cam tube riding? Oh and another thing: the soundtrack sounds like something out of a Kurosawa film!


ras said...

hey tres. what I didn't mention is that these waves are probably less than 5 inches tall and produced by a wake.

ras said...

and yes I too though of kurosawa. man I love all those black and white samurai films, with their perfect balance of light and shade, actiona and in action -every scene methodically shot and eveything intentional.