inside boulders and baby heads

Sat: rode two hours of single track. Saw one guy out. Shouldered the rigid single up a few and down a few. Felt the flow starting to come back like Obe One. Spinning away through the sections -like surfing but more technical and much longer rides. It's been a long time since I rode the bike just for fun and not to get somewheres. Riding bikes is simple clean livin.

Sun: demo'ed half the kitchen. Plaster beneath the old ugly paneling seems OK. Gonna put up bead board and cabinets and hood range this week. Then get the plumber out to move the sink over and do the other side. New kitchen. Oh, B and I hafta build the form molds for our concrete counter tops.

Surfed two plus hours with Blacks today. Wind's been outta the North since last night and gusting to over 45 clicks keeping the 3 meter swell down to a minimum. Hard taking off with the stinging spray making for practically blind take offs, then bottom turn round the algae covered rock sticking out the water and tuck into the shoulder. Blacks got a covered one on his new Neilson quadster. I just stayed low and tried not to give the wind a reason to pick up my board mid-turn and slam it into me. All in all a great session at a classic left with victory at sea conditions and wind that kept even the dog walkers home.

Here's photos of the new Neilson's that arrived this week after being stuck at customs like criminals without a trial. The white is Blacks new small kine wave machine. Dims: 6'4" by 21 - EPS/Epoxy with Futures vector quads. Very fast and heaps 'o fun. New Yeller is Bonzer in Biofoam at 6'6" and 20.5". Still unridden. Peta favours the quad but preffers spring sun warming.

Start the new job tomorrow.

Here's a little Wes Montogomery to close off the evening. Iration time now.


Anonymous said...


Any chance of you hooking me up with someone in Brevard that would teach me to surf?


Gaz said...

Nice looking sticks!