Foulweather: The Beach

I’ve been meaning to post this for a little while now. The second edition of the print zine Foulweather is out now and you should get one. The Beach, as the current volume is titled, is a collection of writing, art, and photography compiled, edited, and published by Mr. P. Lewis, author of the renowned Foulweather blog.

I was lucky enough to have my first ever essay published here. It is an account of some of my experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Jamaica in late 2001. One of the key attributes to the Foulweather series is that the work takes a deep look at western culture and not from a distant point or a bird’s eye view, rather from the level of the individual, questioning his actions, his lifestyle, his responsibility.

You can get Foulweather by writing directly to Mr. Lewis. You can also order it from Powell’s Books and Microcosm Publishing and the Foulweather blog.

In a time when we can type our thoughts and immediately put them out for the world to see, it is imperative that we also keep the printed word alive because although it takes paper and ink to print, it is far more sustainable in the long run that this world wide electronic web powered by coal, oil, and nuclear reactions.

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