bees knees

Sitting rotting. Like a mango tree in the bush, full bloom and bees stuffed falling from flower to flower drunk. No –not bounty -‘s the wrong idea. More like a rat in the alley after heavy rains -musta got into some bad run off like green antifreeze from so many cabs.

“People nah walk again yuh know Rasta. Dem a sit an niam Babylonian food an get fat an weak. Dem come like foul. When dem reach a fi dem slautah age inna six weeks dem fat you know breddah. Drugs inna dem system dem ‘ave weak heart and dem soon dead if man nah kill dem right away and trow dem inna fry pan seen.”

Yes like that. Sitting -getting fat. Mind off like the drivers at rush hour. We have one time around that we’re aware of. Why not make the best of it? Oops running late from my lunch break. Spent too long at the magazine stand looking at all the purty pictures of all the perty peoples doing fun things on neat stuff. Oh man do they have it good. OK. Trodding now through the public gardens back to the box from whence I came before such vial distractions... one floor full of people that couldn’t hack it outside for whatever mental reason/s. Maybe one day I’ll be on their floor instead?

Been here at these keys with these thoughts and the clock just froze. I checked the battery but it’s hard wired. No mistake here. Time has stopped so as I have to wait before my life begins. No I know I ain’t the only one with a weird thing about work. It’s just that I never really dug it from ever since. Maybe one job in one summer past.

Me and troy would cruise around in the truck between jobs not talking and iration on the mind. We’d get to the house and we’d have that yard wired. Clean lines line riding a fixed on the daily commute. He would mow and blow off one and I would weed wack and edge. Then we’d switch it up on the next. 15 minutes flat for the standard beach and riverside three bedroom family homes. One time a lady came out and told us that her neighbour who collected exotic reptiles had lost two king cobras a few days before. “No they haven’t found ‘em yet. Ya’ll boys be careful.” Another time Troy and I moving from one job to the next, focused, we see the gas station full and backin up with everyone stressed. We call the boss and he says “you boys finish the accounts for today? They’re evacuatin cause there’s a big storm comin. Hurry and finish and bring the damn truck back!” He must have gone mad. We turned tail, took the truck back right then and there and tried to paddle out through the storm surge. I drifted about four blocks without punching through the inside. Troy caught one bomb. Wonder where he’s at now?

Best get back to work eh. Lest I get what I wish for.

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Kine words, Ras.