What the F-k?

Anybody ever been to Butler, Missouri? Are there lots of car jackings there? Please tell me that it’s a dangerous place because otherwise nothing makes sense. In a BBC story today I read that a car dealership is giving away a free handgun with the purchase of a vehicle. You can opt for a gas card instead of the gun but so far only two people have opted out: one Canadian guy and an old man. What the fuck is going on down there? You can’t hunt with a tiny handgun. They are made to KILL PEOPLE. I think I need a drink and a heavy dose of Bukowsky to get me though the day. “War All the Time.”


pranaglider said...

Welcome to America, here is a dose of fear and a hand gun

Anonymous said...

imagine the outcome of rush hour road rage.

Gazelle said...

Your label is perfect: insanity.