lets all cool it

it's crazy how quickly we get out of control. sure it's important to have low emissions fuels - enter bio diesel. now the demand for ethanol is probably one of the main culprits for global rises in food prices. Mexico is about to go through yet another tortilla price increase and people are already living on about $5 a day.

so what can we do? we can ride our bikes. but that too gets to be out of control real quick like.

take this little biddy as an example. it's a "24 carat gold bicycle, commissioned by the UK's Environmental Transport Association, is on sale for £9,500. It has an optional extra of a security guard, as bicycles over £4,000 cannot be insured."

stop the goddamned bus!

back up.

what? a 24 carat fixed gear bike with a flat front tire and bull horn bars? everyone knows that if you're not running 8 inch wide risers with Oury grips you ain't pushin shit. this thing would get disqualified in the hipster Olympics.

OK back to work now.

The waves are on a long holiday European style. I have not surfed in one month!

it really is like Europe in Canada. did you know mum's can get one year of maternity leave here? try 6 weeks in the states.

I'll leave you a clip of a bike ridin Texan by the name of Chase Hawk. I like bicycles. All of them -but the gold plated ones are just a waste of human decency.

like the fixed riders this guy has no brakes.


Eric said...

f'kin' rights! that cracked me up bad. The lakes have also been mostly flat for the last month...lame. Keeping busy on other fronts, but still need a surf in a bad way. peace

Foulweather... said...

Dude, those Deep Vs can go for miles on a Flat tire.

Foulweather... said...

Yeah, the bling bling is out of control. Lots of very expensive bikes being ridden very conservatively. its gone from economic low-tech, minimalist necessity to way over top acceserization. as Faith No More said, (when they were good) "Fuck that I'll skate to work and look better getting there."

Gazelle said...

Mr. Chase Hawk's bike riding sure is cool...

ras said...

Chase Hawk's riding is unreal. the guy rides with no brakes and super fast. he flows from one plane to another is defiance of gravity and does it all with extreme calm.

I have to say that I admire that sort of physical prowess in people. whether it's in traditional sports like Agassi in tennis or Mike Vallely in skateboarding. Discipline -my fatal flaw.