one stop shop

when I lived in JA I would sometimes help my friend Peart run his little shop. A normal customer may come and order the following:

2 rizzla (single papers)

$5 grabba (this was tobacco, rolled like a cigar, but came by the meter like rope. one inch for $5)

half pound of chicken (frozen and choped off with machete)

one pound rice

one rum

"hey boss how much it come to?"

"yah man -me 'ave de money man -see it here."

"bwoy time is hot yuh know bwoy. credit me one well cold beer man. no watch nutin."

"bombo clot man yuh too tief! jah know I say I gwine pay yuh man."

"guh way man"


Jamie Watson said...

That was really cool to try and interpret. What were you doing in Jamaica?

ras said...

peace corps