what would you do if didn't have to work?

I would lead
a modest life
wake up at dawn each day and walk to the beach
to check the surf
the yard would have an herb garden
and vegetables
chickens would fertilize and provide eggs
my body would be shaped and tuned
from hours of paddling
my senses keen from observing nature
my anxiety dormant

some believe that we are here to produce
"you must be useful to society"
but is not being peaceful
of use?
I would lead
a modest life


lawless said...

Bitch, who are you kidding?

If you didn't have to work you'd be sitting on your porch drinking 40's and hosting cock fights in your back yard!

Good to see we all made it onto the KuYah VIP list. :D

nm said...

I had chickens, banties, ducks, cows, vegetable & fruit gardens surrounding me as a kid. Always said I'd never live on a farm or in a small town again. These days....what I wouldn't give to be able to walk out the back door to gather & pick my breakfast/lunch/dinner. Need to get rid of this job...

Anonymous said...

others believe we are here to serve others. rich or poor, if you only contemplate your own navel, you'll likely be miserable. I like the sound of your simple life but what do you do when you're full from your garden and the surf is flat?

ras said...

my point exactly. we don't alwas have to be doing something.

Jamie Watson said...

That's beautiful. Made me feel peaceful just reading it.

p.s. I want chickens someday too.