best gifts

one of the best gifts I ever received was a music record given to me by my architect uncle. Live In San Francisco -an album featuring a collaboration between Paco De Lucia, John McLaughlin and Al Di Meola. This is one the more impressive tracks from that recording. Couldn't help but to fall in love with De Lucia's playing.

Here's Rumba in black & white in someone's kitchen.


nm said...

Al Di Meola....big fan.

colleen said...

wow, great stuff

tres_arboles said...

Ras-I remember hearing that record as a teen and thinking both that I wanted to play guitar and realizing that I would never be able to play it like that. I stuck with trombone, but still own a pair of guitars that I can't play! Thanks for the post.


Malcolm Johnson said...

vintage. great clip ras. ever see the woody allen movie sweet & lowdown...? some great music in that film. also some shooting of rats at the dump.