gonz, style, and Mr. Hynd

feelin posty.

I've watched Derek Hynd's sequence in Litmus a million times. his style is mesmerizing and he seems to not take himself (his surfing) too seriously. today I found this clip of style master Mark Gonzales, aka the Gonz. it may seem weird at first but after a few more screenings you start to notice his style, how he makes little nuanced changes to his posture or stance to achieve a turn.

I'm always amused by how people carry themselves through life. some are clumsy and seem as if their lives and their flesh is a burden on their every move. others rejoice at having muscles and balance and flexibility and they move through space with grace and confidence.

there's so many ways to live.


Foulweather... said...

I'm a huge fan of both Hynd and Gonz. Can't wait to see Hynd's film about finless surfing.

I came to the conclusion the other day that Gonz is a pure clown. His whole public life is one piece of performance art and I believe new York city should pay him to just do his thing. Ride bikes, skateboards, paint, tell incredibly random stories as he weaves his way through the city.

If you get a chance to get your hands on the Krooked DVD or Gnaughty and Gnar Gnar, you'll see Gonz at his best. I feel he is yet to achieve his true potential, when his dyslexic poems, spastic jumps, dangerous bike stunts, free flowing skateboarding and art all become one undefinable performance. Life should be a carnival.

Oh and go watch Harmoine Korine's "Gummo" again and watch Gonz fight a chair. Keaton/ Chaplin/ Maark Gonzales.

pushingtide said...

Love it. Love his longer board too. Interesting Foul.

True stylee.

tres_arboles said...

I've written before that Hynd is a role model for the generation immediately behind him (to which I belong) for impressive surfing into his later middle age. But "he seems to not take himself (his surfing) too seriously? Really?

Maybe not his surfing. But himself? Very seriously. Unless he's really kidding around with his post-feminist blurtation in Litmus. It cracks me up every time I watch the DVD. But then he goes and rips that J-Bay sequence and my jaw just drops.


ras said...


I guess I should been more specific about not taking his surfing to seriously. Hynd's writing is pretty intense for sure.

tres_arboles said...

I guess gotta read him. Thanks for the pointer.

I don't know why I'm so cynical about surfers and critical thought. Call me elitist but I have always hesitated to take "public" surfers seriously (even those that should be) as thinkers. I guess it's the "Joel" effect: I said before that despite enjoying his surfing (Joel Tudor), his public comments always seem so inane.

I take your Hynd recommendation on faith since you've proven to be an excellent observer, Ras. Whether or not he has anything to add to the discourse, I will always enjoy watching Hynd surf.


Foulweather... said...

I never understood Hynd's rant in Litmus. I put it down to bad editing. However, his essays are worthy of a read.