rental quiver, guerrero Mexico

here's some photos of my rental quiver. If you're ever in Troncones (near The Ranch and La Saladita) stop in to Mexicali's to see Beto. Cool guy and there's a heavy beach break in front of his shop. Afterwards you can have a michelada and watch the sunset.

the boards were a 80'S 6'4" WRV with the widest round tail you ever saw. It worked well except when the overhead sets came steep and heavy the tail would slide a bit. Gidde up.

the other board is a 6'2" Quiet Flight shaped by Joe Johnson. The sting fish was a bit more suited to the fast and mostly closed out beach breaks.

this was our view for seven lovely days. I would wake up at first light and walk out and then down the beach a ways to surf the shifty peaks in front of the light house. then another two hour session in the evening. bliss in the sandy closeouts.


Foulweather... said...

Holy shit, Rick. I think we rented that very same Casa in 2001... I'll never understand how our paths have not actually crossed yet...

pushingtide said...

Mex rules. Like you said, gidddy up!