halifax coal power: the past and present

Brothers and coal miners in Nova Scotia, Cecil and Charlie are eating lunch about 4 km out under the Atlantic, 244 m below the ocean floor. photo by John F. Mailer.

"All of the approximately 1.4 million tonnes of coal we imported from Colombia last year came from one infamous mine in the northwest: Cerrejon. It is the largest open pit mine in the world..."

"Cerrejon has a 20-year history of violently displacing indigenous and Afro-Colombian farming communities, including Manantial, Caracoli and, most notoriously, Tabaco. Arsenault has written that "the village of Tabaco, a sustainable farming community populated primarily by Afro-Colombians, was destroyed by Cerrejon's bulldozers in 2001 to make way for more coal exports."

excerpts from:
Blood coal: Coal is dirty business and Nova Scotia's electricity is destroying the South American environment. by Chris Benjamin

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