halifax coal power

minus 17 C this mornin. the coal plant was on full blast. northwest winds pushin plumes off shore. its cold. icy sidewalks and black ice. people skatin on the lakes. blue bird skies means colder still. minus 27 with the windchill. icicles formin on my visor.

edit 01/27/09
this view is from my front room of the power plant at Tuft's Cove. according to the great comment by anon, the plant currently runs on oil. it was converted to gas in the early part of the decade and apparently it was deemed too costly to run. I did some searching about the current fuel source but came up with nothing.

tonight's music is wintersleep's dead letter and the infinite yes. one of my favourite bands.

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Anonymous said...

the tuffs cove plant in Dartmouth burns bunker C oil, and since 1998 was converted to natural gas as an alternative fuel ,to keep in line with the off shore sable project which turned out to be to expensive to purchase the processed fuel back from newengland.Hence now the boilers burn again,heavy bunker C oil.