twitter, crack, and winter waves

according to the twitter ad, real life happens between blog posts and emails. so I guess that means that the less time you spend on blog posts and email and twittering your thumbs then the more "real life" you have. that's easy enough.

no twitter for me thanks.

would you really want to know if I was taking a shit, or taking out the compost, or scooping dog crap in the back yard? would you care that I like to watch cartoons, and eat bananas. no -we don't need to know what each other are doing in short sweet sentences every day and minute. twitter me this twitter me that -am not on crack.


snagged this photo from MSW taken a week ago at one of our points. this photo is from the mornin. I surfed it at sunset and it had dropped in size a little but still gobs of fun on the log and cordless.

in other news, we got a nasty storm last night followed by a short thaw. now that the temps have plummeted again there's an inch thick layer of slick ice all over the the city. but the good news is that winter storms bring waves and this one is no exception. if you live in NS then I hope you'll get out there this evening or tomorrow when the wind drops off a bit.



pushingtide said...

Agree with every word and pic and video.

Anonymous said...

I was on it and it was good!


colleen said...

i agree, too. this is a strange world we have created. for me, keep it simple.
waves look like great.
we body surfed in Delaware in December while visiting family there. 42 degree water, waves, cozy wetsuits, afternoon of fun for the whole family!

tres_arboles said...

"no twitter for me thanks."

As we used to say on the rugby pitch, "With you!"

I am off to some real life, now.

Best, David

nm said...

nice pic....gives me goose bumps

side note: saw Nef (one day board) over the new year....he was totally stoked to see his work on phoresia.