waves of anticipation: the longest morning

this is where I hope to surf this afternoon. the wind should be calm and if it holds it could look just like this. right now the buoy is reading 7' @ 12 seconds but it's sure to drop in the next few hours. got a 10' pivot fin from if only yesterday for the log and looking forward to giving it a go. D$ wish you were here but I doubt you'd be into these conditions:

Wave Height: 7.2 ft
Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 12 sec
Air Temperature (ATMP): 28.4 °F
Water Temperature (WTMP): 35.2 °F
Wind Chill (CHILL): 17.6 °F

leave yuh wit some duppy art


tres_arboles said...

Maritimes rolling out the pinwheels. WEeeeee! Give the boss the slip at lunch and start the weekend off right, bruh!


Anonymous said...

3:pm- wind-wsw 15.5knts,wave height 5.9ft 11 sec.period,

ras said...

didn't surf that spot in the photo. surfed anther left though, mostly alone on the log and cordless. been having heaps of fun longboarding lately. it's great to be able to go between the long and the short. it mellows the ego and the vibes.

anon I hope you were out there today. crisp and sunny. I even changed in and out my suit at the spot. thank goodness for the hot water bottle.