"creation plantation"

another rad cy sutton film! peep Christian W. ripping on an alaia.

Tom's Creation Plantation Trailer from Cyrus Sutton on Vimeo.


tres_arboles said...

Not trying to be contrarian here. I really enjoy what these guys are doing in surfing as it's a refreshing inyaface to the "Industry" in a way. And there's no doubt that these guys are surfing up a storm on these things.

But the sure sign that this finless/alaia fad has nothing to offer me is when I see them give those little pseudo-pumps and gain little or no speed. To me, one of the most satisfying acts in surfing is a couple of pumps into a board that just jumps either down the down, up the face, or into a hard turn. The thin/finless experience just doesn't seem to offer that and so I wish those guys well, but I'll stick with my 2.75 inch thick pumpkin seeds.

ras said...

I hear ya. I actually tried an alaia once, although just for a few minutes. when paddling it feels like your swimming.

I like the fact that these guys are challenging themselves by surfing a craft that is really hard to surf. more so though I posted this trailer cuz Cyrus is a rad guy and I like his films. it should be a good one.

Mick said...

Having a flat rocker though means they're pretty much flat out speedwise anyway. Call me Daffy but I think that we're going to see some amazing things as good surfers get their head around this. Every time I see a new bit of footage they get better and better.
Thanks Ras.
.... I do think though the skinnier you are the better, which fucks it for me a bit. That being said a guy down here right into it is not gonna win a skinnyman competition.

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