stick out your chest: the book Chavez gave Obama

and not your ass

OK so some people think that the Hawaiian surf culture can take localism too far. that they use violence too easily. but what else is a people to do? the video below is very interesting and features a member of Da Hui reading an open letter to the people of Tahiti encouraging them to stand up against Billabong and the ASP and demand to be able to take a greater part in the contest both as competitors and organizers.

why? because it is their land, their wave, their culture, their capital interest and their sovereign right. I truly and sincerely hope that the Tahitian's take heed and move to force the ASP to comply.

this brings me to another point. I have often lamented here that the internet has questionable benefits in terms of human and personal relations. but the same way as Da Hui video will influence many so has the photo and story of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez gifting a communist book to America's Barak Obama.

the book is "Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent." in the book author Eduardo Galeano explores the "various facets of Latin American history according to the patterns of five centuries of exploitation."

exploitation may seem like a harsh word to some North Americans, especially if you are a good law abiding citizen who works an honest wage and takes care of his family. but we need to open our eyes to the vast desert of social and environmental destruction which we are leaving behind in our wake of over consumption.

Chavez is brilliant in this public propaganda stunt. by this simple gesture he will effectively educate thousands of Americans in the way of economic and military exploitation that the US has been so successful at inflicting on Latin America. I hope that the Tahitians too will take back what is rightfully theirs and demand a major share in the earnings of the western companies who are exploiting Tahiti's natural resources.


Anonymous said...

lol - that’s pretty classic. But it's not the ASP’s fault that some people aren't on the WQS. Just because a guy wins at Chopes doesn’t mean he’ll repeat at Lowers.

Regarding Chavez, sorry, he's just another despicable dictator. Please spin the Beatles “Revolution” a few more times.

ras said...

yo anon. are you American? the point of Da Hui is protecting soveregnty and local resources/cultures -not getting surfers into the ASP. those guys for the most part don't give a shit about competitive surfing.

as for Chavez -although I strongly dissagree with his leadership, comparing him to a pop culture band is naive at best.

sorry to be a dick but it seems like your out of touch with world issues. otherwise thanks for stopping by.