putting an end to the fuckery

A one surf week is ended with the usual blog roll and interwebs fuckery that is a morning at work. Recently the word fuckery has been used profusely by Lewis Samuels in Post Surf. Not sure where he got it from. I heard the word used often in Jamaica as in “ gwaan man -yuh a fuckery” or maybe in reference to political news on the radio you would hear someone say “a fuckery dat man” or when a rum head came beggin around the shop for a drink old P would yell “come outta ere with yuh fuckery man! Guh wey!”

For a cynical mind like mine fucekry is the perfect looking glass for deciphering the cipher. In my waning interest to keep talking about how my latest surf session went (it’s just a bunch of fuckery anyway) I wonder if it’s even worthwhile to continue Ku Yah all together. I can see the hits decline as the surfy posts subside. Of course initially Ku Yah was an exercise in writing –to learn to write. Indeed I did learn to write –if only in short ADHD spurts and mostly about fuckery so only time will tell if that particular skill will come in handy some day.

I’ve asked myself why I read other people’s blogs. Is it the grass is always greener rubber neck ego trip in my head that makes me do it? There is so much content on the interwebs and a lot of it rehashing of itself. Do I want to add to that fuckery too? Some folks I reckon actually use the interwebs for personal expansion and growth. And relationships of value can occasionally spring from the virtual black hole. But mostly it’s a waste of time.

If we are to consider our assets in life, and I don’t mean capital assets, what do we have? We have our health, our intellect, our ability to forgive and love (because that’s how you get forgiven and loved), and time. Time is as valuable resource and like trees or fish it’s a finite non-renewable resource. And god do I ever know how to squander it with fuckery.

Over the past five weeks I’ve been trying to develop a running practice. “Here he goes again with some fuckery” you say. Well perhaps. Certain incidences have inspired me to run; one being the coming of a little one and the practicality of running as a way of maintaining basic fitness. But there are other effects to a running practice like meditative moments, transcending discomfort and pain, learning self discipline, developing will power, experiencing the weather and its moods, expelling toxins out of my body via sweat, strengthening my heart, lungs, bones, muscles, relieving stress –all without spending any dough or fossil fuel. Running is simple and pure.

We evolved to run certainly for escaping danger as much as for pursuing prey. Our modern lives of sedentary livelihoods have all but eliminated running from our lives. So much so that running is seen as a fringe activity, something that body conscious people do. But it is as natural as breathing or taste.

In short I may not write much here anymore. Instead I will focus on action. On using my muscles and tendons to move through space –whether it be splitting lanes on the cruiser or surfing or running. I will read books. Something I’ve neglected for some time. I will cook and finish some creative projects that have been marinating in the basement or in my brain. If you’ve read this far I’d like to say thanks. Thanks for stopping in often and for your occasional commentary. If you want to be in touch feel free to send me a note at rasblog at gmail.




colleen said...

I just came across fuckery in the comment section on a friend's Facebook page. Funny you should write about it today. I think I saw the word yesterday. Collective consciousness? Or people just paying attention to all the fuckery that is out there.
Anyway, thanks for your blogs, I always read and learn, although don't always comment.
Many times you have inspired me to take action through your words. I now ride my bike to work somewhat regularly. Coincidentally I have been running again, and your blog has helped me keep at it.
Playing women's indoor soccer now, too, I prefer outdoor but this team landed in my life and it is an indoor team and I love to play so I do.
Be well, thanks for writing and sharing and inspiring. I appreciate the virtual connection I have with you through your blog. It has been so many things, including educational. Your politics and insight and cooking choices are all right on.
Be well. I'll miss ku yah if you stop all together, but it has been some great reading.

colleen said...

I didn't mean "but it has been great reading" I mean no buts about it-it has been great reading.

tres_arboles said...

Hah! So thoughtful even in the apparent winding down. I've always liked it here at Ku Yah! if at least for such a cool name.

The best notes in the so-called surf-blogosphere are written when the blogger goes all observational and augers in on something other than the latest session. At least in my opinion. Rick, you excel there.

I do agree with you about the relationships though. Sometimes I wish you, Surfsister, Jamie, and maybe a dozen other surf-bloggies lived on my block, or at least surfed near my jetty.

Oh and funny thing, my last sustained running program started the month my girl told me she was preggers with Joven. Got fit and it helped with a lot of things, including being able to wake up in the middle of the night, change a diaper, and fall back to sleep like it was no thing. Ahh but the running as meditative and benficial as it was, was the final straw that wore my already wrecked knees to the bone. I've been striving for an equivalent fitness activity since.

All the best kid,


lawless said...

I call bullshit on THIS fuckery.

Like all things that ebb and flow through our lives, this is just one of those fleeting moments. The ocean is your fickle mistress, and as she has now been subdued by other suitors, she will surely return to your life and ignite the passion and fire that is your romance with her.

You will then return, as a scribe does to his scroll, to document your harlequin romance in here said fuckery, using such thinly veiled euphemisms as rising swell, wrapping points and hitting the lip all while wearing your neoprene rubber body suit.

Is it all meaningless, surely it is, but that makes us no more passionate about it.

For those reasons and more, I call bullshit to your fuckery.

Good day sir.

Anonymous said...

RAS fuck you and your fuckery. With that fuckin' said, I'll be fucking sad if you fucking give this fucking blog up. I've fucking enjoyed it very fucking much over the last several fucking years. You are a good fucker and I fucking enjoy your fucking writings (fuckeries?).
I fucking love writing like I fucking talk!

All the best and fuck off

Gazelle said...

All surf and no rants is true fuckery. So you weren't as full of fuck as you fucking thought. Thanks for the rants, even if some fucking surfing fucks don't want to fucking hear it.

Eric said...

Ras...this may all be fuckary in your head, but kuyah also proves to be inspirational in many ways. i wish i had the mad writing skills that you display here...because really, despite all of the content out there...there only seems to be a small amount worth perusing on a regular basis. it is also interesting that you should write about running as of late...in fact, when asked by a coworker, how my lunch hour run went on the trails out behind our office today...i responded with "meditative". An inquisitive look followed...and i went on to explain something (before reading your post) very similar to what i just read here...

Anyways...this is turning into fuckary as well i guess. At any rate, i agree with the old adage...action speaks louder than words...so waste not the time that we have.


oh yeah, our little one is set to arrive any day now...as in due tomorrow.

Mick said...

I'm with Dave, Ras.
I call bullshit on your fuckery and if you shut down Kuh Yah I'll bloody swim over there and ring your neck... if I've got any strength left.

Emilio said...

thank god. This blog sucked anyway.

Jus keeding. You will be back.

nm said...

congrats on the little one coming...

always enjoy this blog....hope you're not gone for good.

surf/swim/yoga/run/cycle on...

Lewis said...

Get out while you can.
Blogging is not real life.

Trust me on this one.

walrus said...

ebbs and flows...