there's nothing to report. last week I joined Facebook. then I closed it. I learned what's inside Facebook -wasn't missing anything. I ran a lot last week and went for a fun trail spin with JB and buddy Michael. muddy trails and fun descents. one gear and springy front end. new content? original content| that's what should be here. no surf. flat. a nice reprieve from humdrum of surf surf surf everyday surf. what board do I ride, do I need? can I ride that? will it float me? run to trim the fat and make the thin sled fit the form. then flat. no waves for even logs. so run and ride the single track. lady slippers and new ferns. greens everywhere. after the rains, puddles of mud. pull up the front wheel and let the back one dip into the brown thick mix of post winter soil. run some more. one foot in front of the other. focus on three inches below my centre. focus on even breath and smooth form. focus on what feels natural. intentionally bring one foot forward even with hip to keep up with forward pulling gravity. in the evening? single malt, three cubes of ice and soda water. or one or two pulls. track the mileage and time. make tea and dream and start again. it's flat. no surf. this thing is running its course. it too may need a respite.


tres_arboles said...

I am presently working on a respite post too. I fear the need for respite arose before I could get one out. And of course, I feel responsible to you as one of my few regular visitors, one of the first to give me linky. Do I have permission to take a break?

OTOH, Jamail Yogis visited my site this week and left an encouraging comment. I almost fainted, but I didn't pop for the book. Yet.



Rick said...

the book is great and perhaps resonated with me a lot because we are from the same generation. I too ran away to Hawaii although not as a teenager. I definitely recommend the book.

as for responsibility -health and family are always first


Gazelle said...

I closed my facebook account months ago b/c of the inanity of it all and my teenaged half brother said WTF? It's the way young (and not so young) stay in touch these days, so who am I to say I'm above it? I ignore most of it but have to admit that it's been responsible for reconnecting with a few very good people.

Good post.