rhythm and meter

I’m off completely. been off for two weeks now since Moe arrived. and I finally realized that the pace of my life has forever changed. the rhythm and meter are slower now. the change was like an Art Blakey solo, fast and furious. it’s too soon yet to find my new rhythm. we gotta figure it out as a family. and eventually it will settle and the beat will roll like it did before, only slower.

it’s like surfing. for me progression isn’t only learning a solid cutback, but actually slowing down on the wave in order to see where I’m going. so many times I see a hump, turn and paddle into it, only to race down the line like a scalded dog (thank god people don’t scald dogs any more). but really progression for me now is to be able to take off and look down the line, see what’s transpiring in front of me so that I can flow with it. bottom turn to highline run to beat the section? or maybe bottom turn to snap off the top? and then when the section comes do I bottom turn, ass low around it, or float over it?

the guys that make surfing look easy are the ones that have slowed it down. not their speed but their vision. they can see the wave in front of them and are confident enough in their skills to know that they can generate speed at will or bury the rail for a smooth mid face turn.

I must change my rhythm and meter. slowing down is good because it is the present that we live in. why rush it thinking about the next swell, next board, next diaper change, next kid. baby steps baby.

baby steps.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY D$ you old fucker
Burry photo.


Magda said...

Beautiful, Rick.

Eric said...


Gazelle said...

Nice post, and photo of your little one.

colleen said...

Yes! Beautiful baby,looks like love to me!

Eef said...

It took me quite a bit more than two weeks to get used to my new life :D
The focus changed completely: i found that my own things didn't seem that important anymore for a while.
I hope that you still sleep a bit, that helps a lot :D

As for slowing down: that's the best thing!! Doin'things in slow motion, and only one thing at a time.

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