thanks Stamps

JB stopped by today unannounced to surprise I with my long awaited Tim Stamps Quantum. This is an exact replica of my previous one but in EPS/ Epoxy construction.

this ain't no retro fish. this board borrows from the old San Diego style boards in the length and outline department as well as the use of the wide swallow tail. however, every other design element here is modern and Stamps has it dialed.

these boards have a thinner overall foil than a traditional Lis or Frye fish. they also have thinner rails and quad fin configurations.

Tim Stamps also incorporates a more curvy outline, single to double concaves and a flowing rocker. the board has a smooth and continuous rail rocker and the single concave flattens out the bottom. the rocker allows the board to fit in more critical waves and the bottom and forward foam make it a dream wave catcher.

my previous 5'8" Quantum was as close as I ever got to a magic board. it was beautifully finished with a resin tint and gloss and polish finish. I decided I'd ask Stamps to make a replica of the magic board but this time in the more durable and much lighter EPS construction. this board will last me for a long long time.

I don't tend to surf vertical and instead try to focus on smooth arcing turns for which this board is perfect. however, local shredder JH has this same exact board and surfs it vertical and in the pocket like any other performance shortboard.

the colour is based on a 1950's Fender surf green guitar. it's quite similar to the old Neilson green machine.

dims: 5'8" x 20.75" x 2.44"
6/4 6 glass


pranaglider said...

Nice board!

nm said...

wow! lovely...

Chum said...

I heard it wasn't safe to have two babies so close together...