Tuesday surf

Chico and I went for a surf yesterday and I thought I'd shoot a few photos of the drive and the scenery around Nova Scotia. We knew there was a low moving across Nova Scotia and the wind had been howling onshore for several hours. Our hope was that the wind would switch to offshore by early afternoon and clean up the head high swell. When we reached the spot it was still blowing onshore. We suited up and paddled out for some choppy take offs.

An hour into the session the wind magically switched as the low moved over us. The tide also started to drop. In a matter of moments the waves turned from choppy waist to chest high waves to perfectly formed and powerful chest to head waves. We surfed our hearts out. There were only three of us out on the left point. The sun was shining, the water warmer than at has been since the fall at a balmy 1.5 Celsius. Life is grand.


c. said...

Scotty is a contortionist!

pushingtide said...

Sweet. You guys deserved some good ones.

Love that bridge pic! Great snap.